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Please kindly read the following terms and conditions before you register as a tutor. You have to follow and accept these terms and conditions before you proceed.

  1. Eligibility
    Your status must be a Malaysian citizen. You need to have minimum academic qualification and good grades in the subjects that you wish to teach.
  1. Commission
    Hometuition Best will charge you 50% of your total payment for the FIRST month only. The subsequent months 100% are yours. Any attempt to cheat will be blacklisted forever and legal action will be taken upon you.
  1. Tutor must be co-operating with Hometuition Best. If tutors/teachers show their co-operation in the process of taking up the job and teaching with good effort, Hometution Best will give them priority to choose any job prefer.

  2. Tutors who create many problems, irresponsible and do not co-operate with Hometuition Best will be terminated at once

  3. Tutors/teachers must provide their own transportation.

  4. You are required to go to the student’s house to conduct one to one tuition. It is a private tuition