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Tuition Rate is depending on your experience, methods of teaching, qualification and market rate. It is advisable to quote your expected rate according to your experience and qualification. If your expected rate is too high, we might find difficulties to find any job for you.

Table below show the market rate in KL and other States.

Please refer it before you fill up your expected rate.

The fees below is calculated per hour

Part Time Tutor (RM)
Full Time Tutor (RM)
Current School Teacher (RM)


  1. Other levels such as O'Level, A Level, Diploma, Degree etc. The tuition rate is negotiable with the parents/students
  2. Monthly fees are based on 4 (FOUR) weeks calculation
  3. One subject is normally required 40min – 1 hour for primary level.
  4. One subject is normally required 1 hour to 2 hour for secondary level. It depends on the parents/students requirement.
  5. You need to teach at least 1.5hour or 2 hours. It depends on the parents/students requirement.
  6. Payment is based on hour (not subject) and level.